Our territory: The Piceno - Offida

The city of Offida (about 6000 inhabitants) is located in the heart of the Piceno. In this hilly area that slopes gently to the sea have been found fossil remains of Vitis vinifera dating from the Iron Age (1000 BC approx.) Offida then cultivated the vine long before the advent of the Romans. The town today has preserved intact its medieval urban layout of the mold in which also can be traced the remains of ancient greek and roman influences picene Lombard-pagan.

Striking example of these layers is the church of Santa Maria della Rocca, a Romanesque-Gothic building with medieval foundation and pagan elements in it. Offida is also famous for the original production of bobbin lace (already widespread in 1476 and still today) and for having preserved in its manifestations and typical carnival rituals of ancient origin: think of the "Bove finto", an evocation of old bull introduced by the Spanish during their rule in the Iberian near Abruzzo, together with the use of the feudal Middle Ages in which the country was offering the poor the meat of an ox which they themselves had to hunt is crazy about the town's streets.


Picture Offida

Pictures of the harvest and bottling

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